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tv   White House Correspondents Dinner  CSPAN  May 3, 2014 6:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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they were just famous. kept threatening them with blackmail. we are going to expose you. started theirther ridiculous court trial in which husbandthat victorious -- victoria's husband wanted to kill that the press went wild and wrote about this very trashy family. the sisters had been trying hard for two years to hide all of that. they were reinventing theirself rs. they were not the least bit educated but they said they were. anything that helped them they had moved forward with. they were willing to wreck their whole life just to get back. and they had some loten
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characters in the family which a dress. >> she argues that too little remembered victorian sisters changed the course of women's rights and american history sunday night at 8:00 on c-span's q and a. >> live on c-span a bit of a mob scene inside the south entrance to the washington hilton hotel looking at the red carpet arrivals at the white house correspondents dinner. welcome to c-span's live coverage here. for the next several hours we'll bring you the red carpet arrivals and the dinner eist, president obama's speech and joe mchale and much more here on c-span. we are in amongst the media of the s they get shots
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celebrities and politicians arriving at this dinner. not only will we have video from you but we'll love to hear from you on twitter and follow the reporters as they post their video and photos from the event tonight. you can follow c-span on twitter #slash schat our c-span for lots more. post your thoughts and we'll show you a photo gallery. coming up a look at our schedule or later on. the guest table will arrive at about 7:50 eastern. we'll go live to that. president obama and the first lady will enter about 8:00 or so. and then dipper will be served and we won't stay for dinner as the guest are having their
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dinner and talking but later on we will continue with coverage of the dinner and the entertainment, the main speaking portion will begin at 9:30 eastern and we'll have that live. and the entertainment is joe mchale. he's on the soup on the e! network. the dinner tonight is a chance for the correspondents association to present their awards and college scholarships. president obama scheduled to speak at 10:15 and joe mchale at 10:40. for the next hour we're going to stay and watch the arrivals of the guest. live coverage of the white house correspondents dinner here on c-span.
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>> the red carpet arrivals continue. live coverage here on c-span. 100th anniversary. patrick stewart. the dinner will be filled with a lot of members of the administration and members from the cabinet. . e current o and b director chuck hagel the defense secretary. jack lew and earthquake holder. martin o'malley. chris christie. tom corbett of pennsylvania and former utah governor who head a think tank in the nation's capitol. we will see ted cruz.
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patrick lay hee. john mccain. and a number of members from the house in attendance as well including nancy pelosi., john carolyn maloney. take you back now to the live carpet just outside the ballroom at the hilton hotel in washington.
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>> it is about 6:30 on the east coast. this is just outside on the north side of the white house. many celebrities and media people. still about an hour and 20 minutes or so until the beginning of the program when the president arrives and the program begins. so, thed 7:50 or initial speaking program at 8:00. president obama is set to speak tonight at six -- at 10:00. mckale of "community" at 10:4 to five. -- 10:45. "dynasty" isd,
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.here seth meyers, who hosts the late show and has hosted the correspondents dinner in the .ast looking forward to joe mckale at the correspondence dinner tonight. thank you, seth meyers. we spoke to joe mckale just a couple of days ago. he came into washington to get set for the dinner and he talked about what he thought the meaning of the dinner was outside of the nation's capital. >> for people outside, i think it's cool that it's kind of allowing other folks into the world of politics. you see the number of people who are interested in it and things like that and i think that can be interesting. i hear a lot of people saying, oh, the dinner isn't what it used to be a. i don't know. the dinner used only have men.
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so that was way different to it is obviously more diverse now. i think it is an excuse for washington to let their hair down a little, as they say, especially barack obama, to let his hair down, though it's hardly visible if you see a let down. it'skeep telling them, like oscar weekend. people go out and have a good time. they have fun and everybody is in the same ram, and a matter what party you are from. and that is good. some journalists a that it is not great for jobless to be out partying. >> whatever, relax, you idiots. there are too many other bigger problems than to worry if someone is going out to a party or not. ien i hear stuff like that, am just, like, give me a break. go relax. before a run. go have a drink. go for a run and have a drink at the same time. that is a release range -- a really strange expands.
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>> good luck, but a leg? >> i need it. just pray. going to a deep visual -- deep vigil. >> that is joe mckale. the entire conversation available online at he was talking about the issue some people have with the mixture of politicians and celebrities at this dinner. mark leibovitz last year and asked him about the very same question, what he thought of that whole issue. media as the issue of celebrity. >> as we find out this weekend, it's all pretty closely aligned. one of the things about washington that is somewhat unique is that, since "all the presidents men" what journalists in d.c. has become as more of a
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celebrity class than in other cities. it's an odd thing. there is a level of self-congratulation and self celebration and so forth that can be very -- you know, somewhat at odds with the mood of the rest of the country and how people view the media and so forth. it's very unique to this culture in some ways. i do think that many people would think it on that we now have about two dozen parties to celebrate the efforts of the washington media over a single weekend at a time when frank lay a lot of people are not happy with the performance of washington or the media. >> "the new york times" does not attend the dinner anymore. why is that? aroundhink this was 2007, the bureau chief decided it felt too cozy. not too festive, but it did not feel like the right message to be sending to our readers. it is such a chummy and festive
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setting with the people we are covering and that is a view that some whole but not everyone. again, we don't pass judgment on those who do go. obviously, when i did used to go and it worked at another newspaper, i got a lot of work done so there is a lot of fun to be had. paperst has been the philosophy for a number of years now and i don't see it changing, certainly not this year.
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eric holder and politicians arrive at the white house correspondents dinner. of thisking portion dinner starts in one hour 20 minutes. thate taking your tweets c-span chat. if you recall, john f. kennedy junior's magazine was devoted to the marriage of celebrity and politics. c-span this past week interviewed the current president of the white house
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correspondents association. talked about the history of the dinner and how the event has evolved over the years. wine news outlets and by different people, including celebrities. here's what he had to say. >> it was founded in 1914, exactly 100 years ago by a small group of 11 white house reporters to protect their turf. president woodrow wilson was beginning to have regular conferences -- press conferences and he couldn't pick who to attend. so it was founded to credentialed white house reporters. >> tell us about the history of the dinner. >> the dinner started in 1921. it started as a dinner with the white house staff and the reporters. it was smaller than. we didn't get to the first until 1924.n
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as you know, this dinner has grown exponentially. about 2600 people now. obviously, our main celebrity is the president of the united states. harry, and graciously, he has come every since 1981. >> how has the dinner changed over the years? >> in a number of ways. there is no smoking at the dinner. to three year for the senior waiters who have been waiting at the table for 40 years. what are the key things is there is no smoking. the drinking has changed. reporters used to drink many bottles of scotch, whiskey at every table. lot less drinking, more wine, and a lot of flavored drinks. -- a lot of friends-flavored drinks. we've had celebrities before.
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in the 1940's, we had multiple entertainers, including frank sinatra and jimmy duranty and bing crosby and animal acts. hollywood guests. barbra streisand came to our first dinner in 1962. we have more of them in the last 20 years. scholarshipd winners. the association started sponsoring a scholarship about 20 years ago. dinner forney at the scholarships and we award them. it is a high point of our evening. >> why do organizations and let celebrities to the dinner and what do they have to do with the dinner? >> you have to define celebrity for me. if you are inviting the senate -- the chair of the committee, in my world, that is a celebrity. that is the biggest celebrity in the room, the president.
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there are other celebrities who come. i assume you're talking about hollywood, actors and actresses. who ares organizations members, particularly the tv networks, invite the people who work for their tv networks. >> guests continue to arrive. we sell sharpton in a moment ago. for an inside look at how the data has changed, we spoke to hilton food manager gord mark. >> how many years have you worked at the hilton? >> 34 years now. >> have many of the white house correspondents dinner said you said -- dinners have you seen? >> pretty sure 34 now. >> do any standout? >> probably the first year the president obama was in office. this seemed to become the hollywood one. everyone seemed to be here. we have had celebrities for many, many years.
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that first one was overwhelming with the number of celebrities that decided they had to go through the kitchen because they didn't want to get stopped by the crowds. there are literally thousands of people here and everybody wants to meet everybody. so we have people walking through the kitchen all night long. kind of ethical to keep the team getting the mail out for that many people when they see different celebrities walking through.
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>> c-span's live coverage continues. just outside of the international ballroom serves 2 purposes are registering the guests and assigning them to the right tables. also, celebrities and politicians get to show off in front of the cameras. we are watching your tweets. ha has a suggestions. you need subtitles. you cannot tell who is whole. get joan rivers. some bro looks like he rolled
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out of bed wearing his olympic medal. you some ofto show the pictures we are seeing on twitter. this from a former administration's spokesperson. he tweets a photo. that refers to comments he made the other night regarding benghazi. saying, dude, this was like 2 years ago. that is a protester outside of the washington hilton. oehler. amy p with gary t one more here. residential -- presidential historian. again, we are at
7:23 pm and facebook. and lots of pictures at back to the red carpet. we are about 40 minutes a way from the president's arrival and the festivities inside of the ball rolling. we'll have that for you live on c-span. the president will speak at about 10:15 p.m. and then we'll hear from joel mchale it also features a brunch with well-known producer larry king's show. a washington insider. the brunch is not only a gathering for celebrities and the white house correspondents at a fundraiser as well. a number of the guests at the brunch are at the dinner. guiliannaffy,
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marguilles. will show you some the activities at the brunch earlier today. thee will show you some of activities at the brunch earlier today. >> yeah, yeah. no pressure. >> where to get your news from? >> espn. [laughter]
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>> who is your favorite white house correspondent? >> hi. how are you? >> i do not actually work for twitter anymore. i have no idea. , itthat twitter is global has to be massive.
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>> was your favorite white house correspondent? >> i do not know yet. we done? thanks. >> hi. how are you? >> working in washington 12 years. [laughter] what is the light when you are mingling with the counterparts?
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>> do you have a favorite correspondent you are looking forward to seeing this weekend? [indiscernible]
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>> i am american, now. ok. >> hi, guys. [indiscernible]
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eric garcetti. mayor of los angeles. >> who is your favorite white house correspondent? >> my with favorite -- my favorite white house correspondent. i live all the way in los angeles. i love politico. [indiscernible] we went to college together. >> thanks so much. 1, 2, 3. >> can you turn this way? >> good. [indiscernible]
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>> what time did you get home? [indiscernible]
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>> are you kidding? [indiscernible] hi, how are you? [indiscernible] >> ok, yeah. >> i did a lot of --
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[indiscernible] >> i reread -- [indiscernible] >> what was in your life that made you [indiscernible] >> i studied international relations.
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[indiscernible] >> how was that?
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>> enjoy yourselves. >> right up there. right -- walk in the door to the left. >> can we get a picture quickly? >> you said you always have an
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interest in politics. can you tell us about that? >> i volunteered for the 1996 campaign. i worked in campaign headquarters for a couple of months. ci in college. a part of me,been in my dna. [indiscernible] it was sort of in there somewhere. some of the books i read and the material iwatch. it informsn play, me.
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i think each of our characters -- form of authenticity. it is an honor to be chosen. [indiscernible] >> were delighted get your news from? [indiscernible] >> i am learning my way around twitter has been an interesting thing for me to do as well. >> do have a favorite correspondent? >> i am excited to see [indiscernible]
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the 24-hour news cycle is on all the time. >> last question -- [indiscernible] >> follow me on twitter. >> quick question -- >> some of the scene at the brunch. tammy the reducer of the larry king show. posted every year before the white house correspondents dinner. a tweet from james fallows who writes for the atlantic. he says, c-span is showing the brunch. and of days. chat, this is how you know you are getting old.
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you are watching nerd prom instead of going out on saturday night. we are glad you joined us for the live coverage. table will be seated and about 10 minutes or so. 7:50 eastern. a look of what the ballroom looks like empty. all sorts of portal was -- photos. here is the ballroom from one of our camera and its points. pretty much envy. we will take you live to take you a look as the room fills up. live coverage on c-span.
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it. -- worry about about it. [indiscernible]
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>> senator patrick leahy, one of the 2600 guest's. live coverage here on c-span inside the international ballroom of the holton hotel. reported to be the biggest all room in the nation's capital. a room filled with tables. filled with circular tables and a head table. 10 people or so at a table. a lot goes into preparing for this banquet every year. as is a correspondents dinner. we spoke about what goes into it. we have multiple receptions on all levels. 11:00 a.m. 1111 --
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in the morning. till 5:00l the way up p.m.. we have to have the ballroom set by 5:00 p.m.. or 7:15.inner at 7:00 >> and compton on your screen. a live look at the ballroom which is going to capacity. food andis the beverage director. here is what he had to say. >> we have a seasoned team. they have done this numerous times. they know what they need to do. getting them altogether, making the 200 servers we need. 60-70 cooks. the 60-70 stewards. bartenders. 60will have maybe bartenders. making sure we have the right
7:53 pm
people in the right place when we need them. it is up to a great team to make sure it is there. ready to go. >> how far in advance do you start preparing for the dinner? >> we start with the tasting menu months ago. menu.ef creates a we try to pick wines. we do a tasting menu for the group that comes in. they taste and choose what they want. then we try to make sure we pick the white -- right wines to go with the entrées. i can be 2-3 months in advance. once we know the menu is supposed to be, the ship will order things ahead of time to ks, there the 2600 stea beef is the city and being aged and ready to go. he has 450 pounds of crab meat this year he will need. large orders. 175 pounds of blue
7:54 pm
cheese for the appetizers. it is a roasted half pair -- pear with blue cheese and vinaigrette. he gets all that in place. the product doesn't common until the day before or two days before. we want everything to be as fresh as possible. the actual preparation -- a little bit might happen two days before, but the boat will be the day before or the day of. everything is cooked and plated and put out.
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>> live coverage of the white house correspondents dinner. it is the 100th anniversary of the association. they have been doing you dinner cents the 1920's. the program should get underway -- since the 1920's. the program should get underway shortly. president of the white house correspondents association should sit at that table. we asked him what it was like to prepare for the event and select the menu. >> it is very involved. we have an executive director. year in year out. julie has been doing this for 20 years. she is the vest hanging at this. this. is the best at we hired her away because she is really good. it starts before the dinner.
8:01 pm
we sit down with the hilton staff. they have been hosting this dinner for 40 years. though through what worked and what did not work. it accelerates the winter. three from the board have a tasting at the dinner to pick the menu. it is a lot of fun. a lot of food. a lot of fun. from that moment on, that is when the maître d'and the chef can start lending the actual meal. they dictate how many waiters they need, where they will work, what time they need to be there. march, all our members and only members can buy tickets in tables. send in their checks. the ice it down in a room and decide how many each get to buy. we sell out in one hour. a minute. everyone has always sent in checks for more than we can rent. we have the same number of tables every year. we have more media. we have allowed more new media
8:02 pm
into the association and french -- pressroom. we have more people asking for tables. many people want more tables. noortunately, we have to say to a lot. record demand this year. two weeks after that, we sit down and decide where every cable goes. everyone wants to be towards the front close to the president. >> what is the most challenging part? >> it is all challenging and fun. i love the white house press corps. everyone has been nice. a couple people have been disappointed. it into the tables or location they wanted. but everyone understands it has to to work out where somebody is going to sit three back set of two rows back. >> he covers the white house. he is also the president of the white house correspondents association. david gregory the anchor for me the press on nbc, one of the
8:03 pm
organizations that participate in the annual dinner along with, the washington times. fox. people, yahoo!. the program should get underway shortly. he it will start with the arrival of the head table. that will include steve geomet and other officials -- steve thelma and other officials. live coverage on c-span. [indiscernible]
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>> as the ballroom fills up, the mine or do you went on the right side of the -- the mine nor the wit on the right side of the screen. whip on the right side of the screen. hasot a tweet that potus arrived.
8:06 pm
the color guard will mark the beginning of the event. senator mccain on your screen. [indiscernible]
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annual coverage of the white house correspondents dinner. the association has been around for 100 years. formed in 1914. the "meaning annual dinners in 1920. began having the annual dinners in 1920. every president has attended sense, although not every year. president obama attending tonight. we showed you a tweet that he has apparently arrived at the hilton.
8:11 pm
things should get underway shortly. we are watching but your comments are unfazed oak and twitter. facebook and twitter. darrin tweeps, did i see tim tebow? what are theys -- guys from duck dynasty doing? like the oscars except with bill fitting close. ill-fitting clothes. some of the comments from facebook and twitter. [indiscernible]
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[indiscernible] [indiscernible]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the president of the white house correspondents association. [applause] ♪
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, pleases and gentlemen welcome the president of the u.s. and first lady michelle obama. ♪ [applause] [band plays "hail to the chief"] [applause] ladies and gentlemen, please
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stand for the presentation of the color guard. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> present. "star-spangeled banner"] ♪ ♪
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♪ [applause] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] >> good evening. ofhonor of the centennial the white house correspondents association, the marine band will perform the white house correspondents march. this march was first performed in 1935 at our dinner at the willard hotel.
8:26 pm
expert ofs under the drum major william brown. the march. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:27 pm
♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the marine band. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, seated
8:28 pm
at the head table, george from pepper hamilton. scott horsley from national public radio. margaret from bloomberg. news. knop from yahoo! doug mills from the new york times. carol from the washington journal. houserney -- the white press secretary. kristi from the tribune. questions -- joel mchale. april ryan from american urban radio network. major garrett from cbs news. [applause]
8:29 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, we are going to start dinner. i ask one favor. kindly andait staff let them get through this incredibly crowded room. enjoy your dinner. we will start the program in about an hour. enjoy.
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>> not sure which table are posting chuck schumer. the 100th anniversary of the year at an this event that has been a washington tradition since the 1920's. we are showing you live coverage . the speaking portion will get underway in about an hour. we're also watching your
8:34 pm
comments on facebook and twitter. tweets --i am such a nerd. saturday night fun. wondering who foots the bill for this event. the news organizations foot the bill. madeleine albright, the first lady, and tonight's headliner on the left is jewel mikael --joel mchale. look for his performance about 10:40 p.m. eastern. chris says wanda sykes was the best of all times as terms -- in terms of the entertainment. i believe she was 2009. he is watching the elitist white
8:35 pm
house correspondents dinner. a tweet -- trweeting from the hilton. he is the author of the best-selling book "this town." comments. this is robert, who was the editor of the national interest. part of what he says is the dinner has become a nationally televised celebrity bench replete with hollywood actors, prominent politicians and the politicians lowering themselves to do likewise to hollywood actors. ballroom.into the
8:36 pm
live coverage here on c-span.
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>> that is joel mchale in the center. he is the entertainment tonight. he is book ended there by the first lady on the right and the white house correspondent on the left. of "ducke stars
8:40 pm
.ynasty" at the dinner tonight as well as john rivers. to the executive director of the correspondents association for some insight as to what is going on in this torsion of the dinner. -- portion of the dinner. hournner takes about an and then we go live on c-span. they have been very faithful to us. they have all of the cameras in the room, so people will be seeing shots of everybody at the tables. a fun program. you will see people mingling. the hard thing to do is to get people to sit down and pay attention. on the stage behind the curtains. how do you keep the events moving? honesty, about 10
8:41 pm
minutes before we go live on c-span, my husband and i ask the head table if they would like to go to the restroom. we have to walk them in and out. everybody is prepared on time and i get a cue from the banquet manager when the waiters are ready to leave the room. timeline,ent has the which we have given to everybody in advance. we follow the timeline. >> a lot of people watching and him tonight, it was a sense of the dynamics, the interaction among people. the celebrities, the working journalists. thatere is a buffer zone people cannot cross to get up to the head table. most of the people up there taking pictures are the celebrities taking pictures of the president. this has gone on for years.
8:42 pm
are chasing celebrities. celebrities are chasing the president. it gets a little crowded. i am not sure how they get dinner served in there. they give us one waiter per table. >> is everyone having a good time? next they really are. -- >> they really are. i have a great vantage point. people cannot see me, but i can see them and it is fun to see people react to speeches, to the president speech, as well as joel mchale. president can be funnier than the entertainer. >> the president is amazing. his timing is great. a lot of times, we have had president upstage the entertainer. they bring in speechwriters, they have videos, they practice, they rehearse up the hotel saturday afternoon. >> thank you very much.
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>> we have been covering the annual light -- white house correspondents association dinners for the last 20 years or so.
8:48 pm
journalists are chasing this is what the d.c. press lives for. the epitome of what is wrong. what am i doing this saturday? watching the white house correspondents dinner. if you are out there watching we spoke tohungry, the hilton's food and beverage to rector about the menu for tonight. director about- the menu for tonight. >> we have a roasted pear with a blue cheese port wine vinaigrette. pecans,ty, some candied some sun-dried cranberries. then we will go into a full a attender line -- filet of
8:49 pm
tenderloin. reduce of the wonderful flavor. a crab cake. i believe he has some sauce on that. some veggies, i cannot remember all of them right now. some asparagus, but i could be wrong. and then we go into desert. we will have individual pastries because of the fury in the room with everybody running around, serving a plate of dessert is a little challenging. we will have individual pastries on the table so people can grab what they want. it will make it easier for everyone involved. >> back live, joel mchale on the left, the entertainment for tonight, along with the first
8:50 pm
lady michelle obama. you can make some special orders. we spoke with the assistant director of catering. >> the shaft designs the menu. -- chef designs the menu. we sit down and we reviewed together. the wait staff presents 220 600 people. we have that discussion amongst ourselves and i share the menu at the association and we set the date for the tasting. . fun group of 12 people and then the menu is voted upon. >> what about gaia terry restrictions? >> -- dietary restrictions? >> each year we get some different ones. anything from gluten to kosher to someone who may want to have their mail.
8:51 pm
-- meal. -- pureed. each year is something different.
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>> live coverage of the white
9:02 pm
house correspondents association dinner. the speaking portion of the dinner should get underway in about half an hour. on the left is tonight headliner. it is actor and comedian joel mchale. steve earlier this week. he is the president of the association. he detailed some of the process of selecting joel mchale. --you do not want to pick should be the guy who picks the bad entertainer. my wife taped a lot of comics i had never heard of. in suggestions. members of the board. maybe ad or looked at dozen or 15. some of them i had not seen. they send dvds of dinners they
9:03 pm
had done. question is, this dinner has a unique audience. one third republicans, one third democrats, one third media. i did not want someone to come in with a partisan agenda. i wanted to make sure. will you make fun of all three of us? said absolutely. i am an equal opportunity offender. . want to be good-natured i do not want it to be mean. >> we also talked to joel mchale . we spoke to him earlier this week at the washington hilton just behind the stage. >> i have no idea, i know my publicist, he also represents
9:04 pm
jimmy fallon. a goode -- i know he put word in for me. i do not know how those things work. i am just assuming about 25 or 30 other people passed before they got to my name. >> in terms of any guidelines? find, he can do it. i said yes and they said ok, fine. my publicist called me and he said, they ask you to host. i said, really? are you going to say yes? if you don't, i will punch you through this phone. >> joel mchale from earlier this week.
9:05 pm
the speaking portion of the underway inld be about 25 minutes. the president is scheduled to speak at 10:15 p.m.. at 10:40le will speak p.m. some comments on twitter. folks watching at home and watching on the web. what is for dessert? the show, please. some criticism from john. with the colors being presented, i was hopeful for the invocation protocol. indeed, a bad oversight. this is how some people are participating at home. is everyone ready to do a shot for every time the president engines obamacare, john boehner, benghazi? scholarships and
9:06 pm
corps to members of press . live coverage here on c-span.
9:07 pm
9:08 pm
9:09 pm
9:10 pm
9:11 pm
9:12 pm
9:13 pm
>> it is the white house correspondents association annual dinner. the speaking portion should get underway in about 15 minutes or so. at 10:40 p.m. eastern.
9:14 pm
we are following what people are saying on twister and what they are posting. menuring what is on note -- wondering what is on the menu ? ladies and gentlemen, the main course. president obama saying -- having a conversation with somebody in the audience. that would be the president talking to howard fineman and richard sherman of the seattle seahawks. a number of athletes here. a tweet from laura young, me and at the white house correspondents dinner. we are taking your comments on twitter.
9:15 pm
9:16 pm
9:17 pm
9:18 pm
9:19 pm
9:20 pm
>> you are watching live coverage of the white house correspondents dinner on c-span. we are getting your reaction from twitter. i think the people in the back of the room are in another state. interview with the
9:21 pm
president of the association, he talked about a student scholarship they have set up. the first talk about black reporter to ever cover a presidential press conference. you needed membership to get into the oval office, that is the way it worked in those days. black newspapers went to franklin roosevelt and said, we want to get this guy and. fdr said yes, send him an next week. melee, theree a could be a fight. he said, i am going in. we decided a couple of weeks ago to dedicate one of our scholarships in his name.
9:22 pm
we will talk about it at the dinner. his son and his granddaughter will be at the dinner. i will take them to the vip reception and introduce them to the president. i think that will be a great moment at her dinner. >> c-span spoke to the student who will be the recipient of the award. >> lynn hill, a student at howard university, when you received word that you were among the recipients, what was your reaction? >> i was absolutely thrilled. my mom might've been more excited than i was. members,ing my family saying my thank you's. i am really excited. >> what are you studying? >> print journalism at howard university. i am a political science writer.
9:23 pm
>> this is a big weekend for you and the other scholarship recipients. >> we have the white house association luncheon. we have the dinner tomorrow. and there is a couple of events around that. excited to meet everyone. >> you will have a chance to talk to the president and the first lady. >> i have not even thought about that yet, you know. yet.s not even hit me i am just starting to fear it -- feel it. >> hasn't been surreal? -- has it been surreal? >> i took my last final yesterday. opportunities to be around so many journalists and celebrities. it almost has not hit me yet. >> why did you decide to study journalism? why howard? me, it sounds for
9:24 pm
whenof cliché, they say you pick a career, you pick something that half of what you're good at and half of what you really love. journalism fills both of those things for me. chasing stories, being a reporter. i'm exciting, chasing stories, the teaching. the president and first lady, you have seen the list of the attendees. is there one person you want to meet? >> that is tough. i have seen the list. does the president count? he and michelle, it is a package deal. i am most excited to meet them. >> thank you very much.
9:25 pm
given should get underway in about five minutes or so with the presentation of those scholarships. president obama at 10:15 p.m., eastern.le 1040 p.m. we welcome your posts on facebook. peter watkins says the latest -- decades ago, he was kept from joining the white house press corps and when fdr forced them to accept him, they still try to bar him because of his ethnicity. this nation still has a way to go.
9:26 pm
9:27 pm
9:28 pm
>> the annual white house correspondents dinner, live coverage on c-span. an event that started in the early 19 20's. the association itself celebrates its 100th anniversary. they present scholarships and awards to their fellow journalists. peter baker ofs, the new york times and peter mayer of cbs. for theeing presented center of public integrity and abc news and a couple of winners from the seattle times. coming up
9:29 pm
the presentation of the awards, the awarding of the scholarships, president obama is cajoled to speak in about 45 minutes. -- is scheduled to speak in about 45 minutes.
9:30 pm
9:31 pm
9:32 pm
>> one of the interesting sites you will see, there is the national security advisor talking with one of the cast members of "... the -- duck
9:33 pm
dynasty." we are few minutes away from the beginning of the speaking portion of the program. the president will speak at 10:15ive teen p.m. -- p.m.. early -- we spoke earlier this week to joel mchale . >> you are on david letterman's show last night. he hasve to assume that asked all the time. >> did he give you any advice? >> his advice was don't do it. i asked him if he would join me. >> what did he say? >> no. you mentioned you talk to other folks who had hosted. >> all of them tried to screw me. that is not true, they were all
9:34 pm
very helpful. and jimmy fallon and craig ferguson and seth meyers and carrot top. i kind of know them and they were very gracious to give me pointers on what the evening is like. speakingem, without together, they also the same thing. it is the strangest, most wonderful evening. like no other gig you will ever do. it is exhilarating and you were there with the president. there is no other gig in history where before you perform, zero break between you and the president. you are sitting with the first lady for two hours. it is crazy. >> have you gone back and watched some of those? >> i have seen all of them
9:35 pm
before and i did watch them. there's only so much you can do before you do it. the lay of the land, see what the room looks like. grasp of hownite the night goes, definitely. from there, you'd better have funny jokes. they better be good. >> our entire conversation with joel mchale is available on our facebook page. we put up a number of photos, including photos from that interview, photos from tonight, photos of our prep for the evening. your comments are welcome, too, at we're a few minutes away from the start of the speaking portion. joel mchale will speak tonight at 1040 eastern. the president is scheduled to speak at 10:15 p.m.
9:36 pm
9:37 pm
9:38 pm
9:39 pm
>> a big crowd in front of the president taking pictures. he is the president of the white house correspondents association this year. in our conversation, we asked steve what he was going to talk to the president about. >> you will be sitting next to the president during the dinner. what are you guys going to talk about? >> have you asked him? have you thought about the smalltalk? i have not thought about it at all, that is why it is
9:40 pm
smalltalk. we are both chicago sports fans. we are not having a very good basketball season right now. we will talk about the white sox. it is a light evening, it is a dinner. we will not talk about serious issues. >> everybody, please have a seat. >> please, everybody, have a seat. >> i really do not know what to do. do i wave? >> everybody have a seat. >> rest your feet. >> ladies and gentlemen, we will begin the program. we will start tonight with one of our favorite parts, which is
9:41 pm
the awarding of our awards for excellence in journalism. to help us with that is a valued member of our board, doug mills. a terrific photojournalists. >> the first award of the night, the judges chose to winners this year which recognizes excellence in white house coverage. keeler.ers are rihanna
9:42 pm
recognizesard work in both print and broadcast. the print winner is peter baker of the new york times. [applause] and the broadcast winner is peter mayer of cbs news. [applause]
9:43 pm
the next award recognizes coverage of news or national and regional significance. the judges chose to winners this year. oney at reuters. [applause] and the center for public and brian ross of abc
9:44 pm
news. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, we have one more award. we normally just award those three, but as part of the centennial of our association, i am happy to announce that we have created the president's award.
9:45 pm
it is an honor for exceptional service to the members and groups of the white house correspondents association and i am delighted to announce that this first recipient will be george condon junior. [applause]
9:46 pm
>> thank you. i want to talk for a minute about the video we are going to show. over the years, we have had a lot of very funny videos. they have all been a lot of fun. our centennial, i made a different choice. i wanted to have a video about us, the white house correspondents. unfortunately, i had a grand vision to do a lot and i found i was going to be -- it was going to be a little more expensive than i hoped and it would take money out of our scholarship fund. fortunately, in walked a woman from the a&e network eager to talk to us about our scholarships. we met with her. i said, you own the history channel. i asked them if they would do a
9:47 pm
video and the history of the presidency in the press and they were very kind. i would like to show you that video. [applause] ♪ >> thomas jefferson said, a government without a vibrant media of all sorts is not an option for the united states of america. the watchdogs, the historians, the daily observers at the white house, an unofficial assembly of journalists assigned to watch with clear eyes and breaking news. they are the white house correspondents association. >> have you got an extra camera in case the lights go out? >> is the sound ok? >> the founding fathers wrote this job into the constitution, freedom of the press is in there for a reason. both houses of congress have
9:48 pm
had having a wonderful time. >> i think the enduring principle remains that we exist and we work to keep the eyes of the free press on the government and on the president. >> sometimes you do not like the decisions i make and sometimes i do not like the way you write about the decisions. i view the association as the shop steward for correspondence. deal with a lot of logistics. we are the ones working on who has a seat in the briefing room. beautiful. >> one of the great things about our job is being there when history is being made. the evolution of the presidency
9:49 pm
has gone hand-in-hand with the evolution of the white house press association and the relationship of the press to politics. they perform a vital service evy has gone hand-in-hand with the evolution of the white house in letting folks know what the white house is all about. did you make a mistake, sir? >> i am not taking any more questions. >> i always try to put myself in their position. they have a difficult job to do. >> with every president, the relationship is constantly changing, but there is an unchanging quest for the correspondents association and it is a simple word -- access. >> we have to continue for those doors and windows to remain open so that you can see an account of history. >> we are not through this. -- period. we cannot go back to a more polarized world where somebody can put the hammer down, this is
9:50 pm
the way it is going to be and you cannot say anything. if you try to, i will cut you off or put you in jail. >> people have to be informed. with thesethe matter clowns? >> are there going to be governments to try to be more insulated? it is important to push back on that. >> the association is a good for him for reminding reporters that they also work for the public. they also have responsibility to the american people. >> press is an institutional part of the white house and should always be an institutional part. every government needs a watchdog. >> we never win, we never lose, struggle. a constant >> like so many of the struggles inside the beltway, this one started as a turf battle. in 1914 on capitol hill. >> all of the press conferences were donated by the violence in mexico.
9:51 pm
whoe was no controls over attended those press conferences. congress tried to move in on the white house. they wanted to become the one that would help resident woodrow wilson start having regular press conferences and selecting who would attend. >> a select group of journalists formed. >> looking back 100 years and think the pictures and hearing the history, it is amazing how things have evolved. the organization was started by a group of white men, not women, not minorities, but a group of men. >> franklin roosevelt was the first president to allow a black a white houseinto press conference. >> harry mcalpine became the first african-american white house correspondent. in his honor, the association has established a scholarship
9:52 pm
for young and aspiring journalists. >> we always had women members. but we would not let them attend their dinner. >> the general attitude was this was a stag event. >> a sense that women journalists almost did not belong. >> it was not until three women reporters on including helen thomas, and to john f. kennedy and said, we would like you to help us get into this dinner. asked kennedy said, tell me i'm not attending the dinner unless women are allowed. all of a sudden, it changed. >> we do nothing but body jokes now. well 99% of the correspondence job is working the beat, there is 190 year when serious washington -- one night a year when serious washington can make fun of itself.
9:53 pm
>> we started the dinner in the 1920's. it was not televised in the did not have hollywood celebrities, but it did have inner chambers. -- entertainers. >> somebody doing animal impressions. .ow we have one entertainer i was toying with the idea of having a juggler. >> what is the key to navigating the treacherous waters of washington humor? >> winging it. >> improvise a lot and see what happens. >> three models, one who do politics and get it right. >> anyone i'm excited to roast? is there. >> i could say something really dirty, but i probably shouldn't. >> and people who avoid politics like the plague. >> mif little guy?
9:54 pm
-- am i a political guy? >> you're supposed to keep it clean. you're supposed to keep it self-deprecating. >> frank sinatra, jimmy duranty, fanny brice. this year, it is me. what did you know that the president will be there? -- did you know that the president will be there? >> he is opening for you. it is the place where a president can bring down the house. >> known as the prom of washington, a term coined by political reporters who clearly never had the chance to go to an actual prom. >> presents will think, this is the chance to make fun of the press. that is not what you do. you go to make fun of yourself. you have to show that you can take it. >> it is not easy to do standup comedy at one of these dinners.
9:55 pm
>> jay leno was here. >> we give hope to gray-haired chunky baby boomers everywhere. >> we don't want people to be insulted. we want people to be teased. >> you not make fun of the press because they cannot take it. they don't want to hear it. the first andide, foremost mission of the association dinner is to promote journalism, education for the scholarship fund. >> your attendance allows us to give back to the students. >> as this dinner has grown and grown over the years, it has generated more revenue for this very important scholarship. there main reason we're is for the scholarship and to help these young people. they are remarkable folks full of energy. >> we want to welcome curtis macleod.
9:56 pm
say, gives them hope to there is a resource for me. such anrovided unforgettable experience for me. it was such a tremendous honor. journalism.uture in it is going through a lot of changes. it'll be around for another 100 years. twitter or thes typewriter, correspondents association continues to deliver its message, covering the white house, standing century, sending out the news in an ever changing media landscape. we have seen the start of radio, we have seen the advent of television. .e have seen internet as a tool >> the white house has a television -- a telephone system
9:57 pm
that has been there since president carter. sayne thing i often like to is that speed kills because we are racing faster and faster to get raw information in front of the public. >> reporters are under such stress from their editors. reporters cannot wait and can not digest anymore. >> the point of view from the reader. is it accurate? >> we are dealing with multiple time zones, everything is in real time. the questions we ask are still the same. it is important that there is a hodgepodge because it is not just all about that one story. it is about stories around the world. that brings together this one group. >> i hope that 100 years from now and we are celebrating the next anniversary, we will still have a room at the white house
9:58 pm
with people asking the president or his staff questions every day and explaining it to people. the dissemination of the news will change, the media will change, but the journalism will not change. >> this is a great window on the world. >> our democracy does not work -- if you do not have that interaction, you do not have a true rocker see. -- democracy. [applause] >> i want to take an extra second and thank nancy, who is the ceo of the a&e networks. [applause] their crews worked on this for of ourat no cost out scholarship fund and it was a great service to our
9:59 pm
association. i want to thank diane sawyer who agreed to do the voiceover for us. [applause] whont to thank politico lent us some of their photos and i want to thank our colleagues theparticipated, all of press secretaries who agreed to be interviewed, and president obama and clinton, who agreed to be interviewed for that. thank you very much. [applause] i want to talk for a minute just about the state of play. i want to thank my family. my wife, denise. i sons, jack, jim, and ryan for all of their help and support, particularly for this last year but for the last wendy five. -- 25. i want to thank our washington bureau and their commitment to journalism in washington and
10:00 pm
around the world. it allows us to keep doing work that allows is -- needs to be done. colleagueshank my lesley clark and david goldstein because they have basically covered it well i turned this job into a full-time job and they have done all the briefings and travel i have not been able to do and i could not have done it without them. i want to thank this lord. board.rd -- this our board is a collection of the most terrific people you ever see. they had a pool issue trying to certain country and three or four members on the other side of the planet and some of us here working around the clock with the white house and they keep the wheels going so we can do our jobs. i want to particularly thank christi parsons. she is our vice president this year. [applause] she does more work in keeping -- and we allg
10:01 pm
know what the pool is, the group that gets closest and keeps their eyes on the president -- it is sometimes a three-dimensional chess board and she does a wonderful job. she will be our president next year and we are in very good hands. i want to quickly think george. -- here hisar him name a lot. he is our attorney. he works pro bono. [applause] terrific first amendment attorney and has been the liaison between us and the rest of the journalism community in some of the where we have done on access. we will continue on with journalism schools. is with uslucy tonight. george has done a terrific job. thank you, george. and i want to thank julie lister. at avenues involved known julie liston for a long
10:02 pm
time. we put this dinner on with a paid staff of one. she does it with the help of some friend, or dave -- her brave husband, dave liston. we could not have this dinner without julie liston. this year i kept piling extra work for her for the centennial. we have added panels that we normally do not do. we would not have made it to 100 years without julie liston. i want to thank my peers in the white house press corps for this honor. it has been a great thing. i want to take a minute and introduce some people in the room. i would like you to stand and stay standing. hold on for a second. i want all the past presidents of the white house correspondents association to please stand and stay standing. [applause] hold off.
10:03 pm
stay standing. i would like everyone who has ever been elected or served on our board to stand and stay standing. [applause] i would like everyone who covers the beach today, goes to the briefings and the trips, sits in the pool, to please stand. [applause] i would like everyone who has ever covered a briefing at the white house and worked this beat to please stand. [applause] and finally, i would like our scholarship winners and all of the journalism students in the room to please stand. [applause] we welcome all our guests to this dinner. there has been a lot of attention paid to the people that come here and we welcome them all, the stars of fashion or sports or entertainment, but ladies and gentlemen, these are the white house correspondents. these are the people whose name is on the dinner. [applause]
10:04 pm
we refer to it in a little bit individual -- in the video. we are going through a major and significant change in the media. first, as you notice from the old actress -- old pictures, they were all white men, white presidents, too. now our correspondent organization is a half women. our board is half women. we have faces of color. we have new media all over the room. olivia knox from yahoo! news is on our board. this year, we added for the first time to the press pool a gay newspaper. we have new voices. for the first time ever, we had a foreign reporter joining us on air force one for a trip. in our briefing room, if you listen, you will hear foreign accents asking questions of our government. you will hear a russian accent. you will hear other accents. you will not hear that and many
10:05 pm
places in the world. this is america at its best. [applause] there are sometimes differing views of what this free press can do great there is the noble view. he president referred to thomas jefferson in our video and we share that view. sometimes, the view of the people on the receiving end -- i found a quote from the late actress grace kelly. she said, the freedom of press works in such a way -- there is not really much freedom from the press. that is true. try to keep as many eyes as possible on them. they do not always want us in the room. this has never been truer than today. a changing media gives us more but allows the government to send its own messages direct to people in ways that we find challenging. a thingrtainly president assesses to the --sident would have envied
10:06 pm
predecessors to the president would have envied and liked themselves. we like their photographers and video crews. we do not want to kick them out. we just want to be in the room, too. [applause] all paying attention to the government and asking questions, we are all the better for it and it is a bragging point for democracy. i want to turn for a minute and talk a little bit about harry mcelveen. it was seven years ago he walked into the oval office and he was the first lack reporter -- black reporter ever to attend a presidential press conference. i am very happy to have you here. not everyone was so happy. this association was not at all happy that he walked into the oval office. we had denied membership to blacks. we had rigged the role so they could not participate. fdr did that on his own. announcing and
10:07 pm
creating a new scholarship, the harry s mcelveen scholarship. [applause] by dedicating one of her scholarships to him, we not only denies his historic role and one that we hope will inspire young journalist, we acknowledge our own history. harry went on after his white house years. that was just part of his story. he was a war or responded in the south pacific at a time when the military was still segregated. he went to law school, moved to kentucky, led the naacp there, marched with martin luther king on the capital. havingied in 1975 never gain membership to this organization. today, we possibly --'s to mouslyd -- post thu
10:08 pm
award him membership. [applause] standn, his son, when you -- will you stand? he is here with his wife. joann, what you stand? and his daughter, sasha. please make them feel welcome. [applause] we will present that and the scholarships. to do that, april ryan will be coming up and be joined by the first lady, michelle obama. [applause] >> good evening, everyone. for theonderful evening
10:09 pm
centennial scholarship awards. are you having a good time tonight? [applause] [laughter] out tonight that this lady has jokes. that is all right. without further ado, we would like to bring forth our scholarship centennial awardees and we would like to start with the harry s mcelveen junior scholarship. yes, you may clap. [applause] it is a one-time award of $7,000. is a studentinner from howard university in washington dc. to the stagee glenn hill of philadelphia, pennsylvania. [applause]
10:10 pm
[laughter] once again, glenn hill of philadelphia, pennsylvania. howard university. [applause] now it is time for the white house correspondents association scholarship prize. it is a one-time award of $7,000. this year's recipients are two students from howard university in washington, d c. victoria walker of virginia. [applause]
10:11 pm
next, the deborah warren scholarship. the reciprocal of this deborah warren scholarship art two current students from the mcdill school of journalism. north hanover massachusetts. [applause] karen galbreth of illinois. [applause] next, from columbia university,
10:12 pm
new york, new york. [applause] the white house correspondents association awarded a $5,000 to 2014 tont in 2013 dina from cairo, egypt from columbia university. [applause] also, the university of missouri. the white house correspondents association supported seven graduate students for $2500 per student to study in washington dc for a semester as part of the university of mystery bosch established -- missouri josh well-established program. the recipients are kevin dubois.
10:13 pm
philip hawkins of oklahoma city, oklahoma. yi of hong kong. jenny rice of san diego, california. mulin jeong of china. the white house correspondents association supports a student at the mcdill school of journalism with a $5,000 gift for a postgraduate student in the government and journalism -- track. that goes to brian to santos from northwestern university.
10:14 pm
the white house correspondents association supports a student at the university of california at earthly to a $5,000 gift towards a postgraduate degree for a student in the government and public affairs supporting track. chase. jennifer i'm sorry if i am messing your name up. of sacramento, california. [applause] the university of california at berkeley. on the university -- next, the university of maryland journalism college fund, some -- simone [applause] are our own warnings for
10:15 pm
this evening. [applause] for thisawardings evening. let's give them a big round of applause. [applause] evening and laugh hard and a lot. [applause] you, april. thank you, mrs. obama. if you have a glass near, i would like you to raise a glass with me. i would like to propose a toast. our one official toast of the evening, to the president of the united states of america. [cheers] me, i would for to introduce the president of the united states by introducing the vice president of the united states.
10:16 pm
[laughter] >> hello? >> joanna? what are you doing? >> i thought you were the president. listen, are you going to this sn oring dinner tonight? >> no, i'm not going. i have been there once. it is a bunch of politicians trying to explain politics to hollywood. >> who wants to see david gregory crying in the corner all night? do you want to come and pick me -- [ horn honks] up? yellow? seriously, yellow? >> get in the car.
10:17 pm
is anybody looking? check for me. >> i can remember that. oh, yeah. >> shh. whoa. don't touch the desk. , on. let's get something to eat. this is good. my granddaughters like the sprinkles. >> this is like the sweetest thing you can get in the executive ranch. >> hey, guys. what are you doing? >> nothing. >> what is in your mouth? >> carrots. >> haven't you guys listen to anything i have said about healthy eating? handed over. hand it over. let's move. >> ok. busted.
10:18 pm
>> you can say that again. >> i just forgot my purse. i'm sure there are reasons in here. it's a fruit. plus, it is more than they give you at that correspondents dinner. plus, i work out every day. >> sure you do. i do too. >> do you want to arm wrestle? >> i don't really work out. >> i didn't think so. >> where we headed next? we can write any headline we want? >> knock yourself out. go to it. >> the headline i would like to write is selena miles, voted in as president. all in good time. yes, we can all look directly into the camera, and kevin.
10:19 pm
♪ hi, joe. what are you doing here? >> getting my tattoo done. you know the difference between the tattoo and the koch brothers? they are both painful, but you can get rid of a tattoo. >> all right, let's do it. ♪ >> bring it on. >> oh, yeah. bring it on. hey, girl.
10:20 pm
are you going to this dinner tonight? no i'm not going. i have important things to do in the capital. >> ok. i need to go to the dinner. i am not really a vp but you are. i am an actress from hollywood. >> i know. >> can you give me a ride? >> the secret service does not let me drive off the property. >> that make sense. >> we can get a cap. i've got my -- get a cab. >> i have got my dress and this hair. things a million, joe. >> good luck. ♪
10:21 pm
[applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. [applause] >> thank you. thank you so much. thank you very much. thank you. -- thank u so much. everyone, have a seat. before i get started, can we get the new presidential set up out here? ♪
10:22 pm
[laughter] worked before. [laughter] that is more like it. it is great to be back. what a year, huh? i usually start these dinners with a few self-deprecating jokes. after my stellar 2013, what can i possibly talk about? [laughter] it -- last year was rough. sheesh. [laughter] bad,e point, things got so the 47% called mitt romney to apologize. [laughter] of course, we rolled out that could have gone better. [laughter]
10:23 pm
in 2008, my slogan was "yes, we can." 2013, my slogan was "control, alt, delete." [laughter] on the plus side, they did turn the launch of into the year's biggest movies. [laughter] but rather than dwell on the past and i would like to pivot to this news. let's welcome our headliner this evening, joel mchale. [applause] on "community," jolt plays a self obsessed narcissist, so this dinner must be a real
10:24 pm
change of pace for you. [laughter] thank the white house correspondents association for hosting us here tonight. i am happy to be here, even though i am a little jetlagged for my trip to malaysia. the links we have to go to to get cnn coverage these days. [laughter] [applause] i think they are still searching for their tables. [laughter] [applause] msnbc is here. [applause] they are a little overwhelm the. they have never seen an audience this big before. [laughter]
10:25 pm
look, everyone is trying to keep up with this incredibly fast-changing media landscape. for example, i got a lot of grief on cable news for to young obamacare people on "between two ferns." that is what don't people like to watch. to be fair, i am not the first person on television between two potted plants. [laughter] [applause] sometimes i do feel disrespected by you reporters. but that is ok. seattle seahawks' cornerback richard sherman is here tonight on he gave me a great tip how to handle it. jake tapper, don't you ever talk about me like that. i am the best president in the
10:26 pm
game. was that good? [laughter] a little bit more feeling next time? [laughter] are talking sports, just last month, a wonderful story. the boston won marathon for the first time in 30 years. [applause] which was inspiring and only fair since a canyon has been president for the last six. has beenenyan president for the last six. [laughter] [applause] we have to even things out. athletes here tonight, like olympic gold medal snowboarders jamie anderson is here. we are proud of her. michele and i watch the live experience we cannot believe
10:27 pm
what they do. death-defying feats. as a general rule, things don't end well if the senate starts. " let me tell you something i know about the negro." you don't really need to hear the rest of it. [laughter] just a tip for you. don't start your sentence that way. [laughter]
10:28 pm
speaking of rand paul, -- [laughter] legalized marijuana this year. an interesting social experiment. to ahope it does not lead bunch of paranoid people that thinks the federal government is out to get them and listening to their phone calls. [laughter] that would be a problem. [laughter] -- speaking of secure speaking of conservative heroes, bought a cablers here tonight, but they use the shadowy right-wing organization as a front. hello, fox news. [laughter] [applause] i'm just getting. let's face it, fox, you'll miss me when i'm gone. [laughter] it will be harder to convince the american people that hillary was born in kenya. [laughter]
10:29 pm
[applause] a lot of us really are concerned about the weight the money is influencing our politics. i remember a super pack with me buying a marlboro 100s instead of regulars. [laughter] that it is 2014, washington is obsessed on the midterms. folks are saying that with my sagging poll numbers, my fellow democrats don't really want me campaigning with them. i don't think that is true, although i did notice the other day that sasha needed a >>
10:30 pm
i understand america's teenage boys are signing up. [laughter] [applause] i will be focused on everyday americans. just yesterday i read a heartbreaking letter. aroundetters from folks the country every day. this went got me to a virginia man was stuck in the same part-time job for years. there was no chance to get ahead.
10:31 pm
[laughter] [applause] i am feeling sorry, believe and not, for the speaker of the house. the house republicans give john boehner a harder time than they give me. [laughter] [applause] i have not given up the idea of working with congress. in fact, to weeks ago, senator i have to say -- the signing ceremony was
10:32 pm
something special. [laughter] i know. washington seems more dysfunctional than ever. greg locke is gotten so bad in this town what did we do to pass -- pisst chris d so bad off chris christie so bad? i am beginning to think they have a point. if you don't want to get paid for working, you should run for congress like everybody else.
10:33 pm
[laughter] [applause] there is one thing that keeps republicans busy. they have tried more than 50 times to reveal a bomber care. , more than 7 million people have signed up. [applause] how well does obamacare have to work before you don't want to repeal it? what if your yearly checkup came with tickets to a clipper's game. not the donald sterling clippers, the opera clippers. what is it going to take?
10:34 pm
anyway, this year i have promised to use more executive actions to get things done without congress. it is called the imperial presidency. i have to show up every day at my office and do my job. we have a picture of this? [laughter] [applause] you would think they would appreciate a more assertive especially considering that the new conservative putin. is vladimir i know it sounds crazy. they'll give those to just about anybody these days. it could happen. [laughter] [applause] rudy giuliani said putin is what
10:35 pm
you would call a leader. [laughter] [applause] look it up. they talk about it a lot. [laughter] that itrange to think have two and a half years left in this office. there are reminders that i only hold this job temporary. [laughter] nows a long time between and 2016. you may have heard the other day that hillary clinton ducked issue at a press conference. [laughter]
10:36 pm
i love that picture. regardless of what happens, i am on my last campaign. i'm beginning to think about my legacy. a high you know that school is being named after me in chicago. rick. -- rick perry is doing the same thing in texas. take a look. [laughter] it means a lot to me. i intend to enjoy all the free time that i will have. painting.bush took up it inspired me to take up own artistic side. i am sure we have a shot of this.
10:37 pm
maybe not. the joke does not work without the slide. [laughter] oh well. assume that it was funny. [laughter] joel?his happen to you , tonightous note reminds us that we are lucky to live in a country where reporters can give a head of state a hard time. then give him the chance to return the favor. we also know that not every journalist is so fortunate. tonight,e celebrate our thoughts are with those in places like ukraine and afghanistan. everything, risk
10:38 pm
their lives to report the news. and fair for full access goes beyond the chance to ask a question. african-american might be barred from journalism school. effort, black editors and publishers began meeting. they met with the president himself. one made history, he was not always welcomed by the other reporters, but he was welcomed by the president. i'm very happy to have you here. he made history.
10:39 pm
we are so proud of him and his family. [applause] for over 100 years, even as the white house correspondents association tells the story of progress, you have limited two. yes, radio television and internet reporters as well. sure that our fundamental commitment to between the action -- interaction between those who govern it sustained. because this is the 100th
10:40 pm
recordedry, i actually an additional brief video thanking you for all your hard work. congratulations. >> what is going on? i was told this would work. this anybody know how to fix this? thank you. [laughter] do you have it? >> i got this. there. >> here is to 100 more years. >> thank you very much, everybody.. bless you. [applause]
10:41 pm
[laughter] [laughter] [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, now that you've had the warm-up, joel mchale. [laughter] [applause] >> here we go. i am the last person standing between you and your after party. in just one hour and 15 minutes you will be walking out of here, all right? i'm going to break the record. strap in. good evening, mr. president. as paul ryan refers you, just another intercity my warty relying on the government to
10:42 pm
feed and house your family. [laughter] i am a big friend of president obama. i think he is one of the all-time great presidents, definitely in the top 50. [laughter] please explain that to jessica simpson. you are right, that was low. [applause] is -- it is amazing that you can bring it with fresh material. yours is whent of you said you would close the detention facility at guantánamo bay. that was hilarious. still going. [laughter] i would like to take a moment to recognize the first lady. you are very kind to me and my family, especially when you showed us how to tear a phone book in half with your hands.
10:43 pm
[laughter] to thank thelike white house correspondents association for having me and not being able to book jimmy fallon. that is true. [laughter] it it has been a long night. i promise that tonight will be both amusing and over quickly like chris christie's presidential bid. risky. -- governor christie. [laughter] i deserve that. i agree on that one. allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. my name is joel mchale. i am on a show called "community." [laughter] that is exactly what i thought. i also host a show called "the soup."
10:44 pm
attendance, e in e is a channel that you're deeply closeted gay son wants to watch. eat - e is also home to the cardassians. they are trying to screw black people. [laughter] now just the man. [laughter] it is an honor to be here tonight. i am tingling with excitement. maybe that is just a bedbug. [laughter] i hope you all enjoyed your dinner. the freshly fred dragged off the ranch. stakes are very tasty once you pull off the tiny white hoods.
10:45 pm
[laughter] let the record show. my show is being broadcast on c-span. c-span is like one of those paranormal activity movies. it is grainy shots of empty rooms interrupted by shots of people that you pretty sure died a few years ago. [laughter] stay tuned, after the correspondents dinner, for in new c-span show, "so you think you can remain conscious." the 100th year of the white house correspondents association. [applause] the cnn was only searching for the right brothers plane. [laughter] the correspondents dinner itself is a tradition dating back to 1920. back then, this event was only
10:46 pm
for men. there is a plaque in the lobby commemorating this as the location of the very first total sausage fest. [laughter] #total sausagefest. [laughter] 19e you'll find all nationalities contained within arianna huffington's accent. [laughter] it is a general and thrilled to be here in washington dc. city that started the whole crack smoking mayor craze. [laughter] you guys were the first. i hope he is not here tonight. mayor say that toronto rob ford is a mess. he can't help it. he's like a bull and a crack pipe shop.
10:47 pm
canadat want to tell "relax, we already have a florida." [laughter] ted cruz propose a government shutdown. everyone else and congress decided to go along with this to get some time away from ted cruz. the key party is anti-socialism and anti-immigration. it makes sense that their hero is a cuban from canada. that one was poignant. in kiev president is tonight. he thought this event was being held at the dulles airport applebee's. to a construction cone that he thinks is john boehner. [laughter] also true. [laughter] it is crazy to think that joe
10:48 pm
biden is only one heartbeat away from someone -- no one taking him seriously as president. [laughter] biden will likely be running for president in 2016. there is no obvious reason not to." [laughter] it is there, isn't it? i'm going to finish that thing. just bring me my hoagie. no, not that one. the fancy one. here late clinton has a lot going for her. she is a natural leader. as our first female president, we could pay her 30% less. [laughter] that is a savings this country
10:49 pm
could use. who is with me? chelsea --oddle daughter chelsea is pregnant. we will have a sequel to "bad grandpa." question,ises the when a baby is born you give bill clinton a cigar? [laughter] you guys sound like you're on a roller coaster right now. they are all vowing to see who will win over the gop base. jeb bush says he is speaking about running. another bush might be in the white house. for our everytime 10 years surprise party for iraq? [laughter]
10:50 pm
as it stands right now, the republican presidential nominee will either be jeb bush, rand bag of flour with ronald reagan's face drawn on it. [laughter] asking, will donald trump run again? that thing ondoes his head in the woods. p in the woods. speaking of digestive systems, chris christie is here. eerie,ctually here tonight. -- forr, are a glutton punishment. they blocked the world george
10:51 pm
washington bridge. finally, a politician willing to stand up to america's commuter. jokes or sizeidge jokes? i know you like a combo platter. i get that. i am sorry for that joke. i did know -- did not know i was going to tell it. forke full responsibility it. whoever wrote it will be fired. i will be a man and own up to it. i will get to the bottom of how it happened. i was not aware it happened until just now. i am appointing a blue-ribbon commission of me to investigate the joke that i just told. i assure you i will be dealt with. i just looked into it. it turns out i am not responsible for it. justice has been served. [laughter]
10:52 pm
[applause] he is going to kill me. [laughter] , you are not stranger to criticism eerie that nugent called you a subhuman mongrel. it is comments like that that makes us question whether we can wang dangy who wrote " sweet? seriously anymore. mcconnell said his number one priority was to get the president out of office. congratulations on being just two years away from realizing your goal. [laughter] mr. president, your harshest critics have compared you to joseph stalin, adolf hitler, --
10:53 pm
those comparisons are outrageous. you look way older than those guys. just because morgan freeman has played the president does not mean you have to act exactly like him. house dr. the white :hecks the white -- presidents for polyps and george clooney's head. [laughter] it is good to see that white house press secretary, jay carney, is here. big night for j. i have not seen you this nervous since the president told him just go out there and tell them the website is broken. [laughter] that actually probably was a moment. [laughter]
10:54 pm
mr. president, you have to admit that you already have the launch of a disaster. it was bad. i don't have an analogy. they say stuff like "i should not have eaten at sushi." that latest johnny depp movie really health at the box office. thanks to obamacare, or is the president refers to it as me care, and millions of newly canred young americans visit the doctor's office and see what a print magazine actually looks like. [laughter] [applause]
10:55 pm
now, over 8 million people have signed up for obamacare. until yous impressive realize that -- there is a lot going on in the world right now. there is a madman who has had plastic surgery annexing small countries in eastern europe. what the hell is bruce jenner doing in crimea? do they get that show their? making a bigu are mistake with putin. you have to show a guy like that that you are just as crazy as he is. he invades crimea, you invade cancun. russia takes back ukraine, america takes back texas. something to think about. [laughter] the new director of the secret service is here tonight. leadership, secret
10:56 pm
service agents can longer thatrt with prostitutes are too drunk to make it to the program. [laughter] i am sure she loves that. the director of national intelligence, james clapper, is here. put a face to the mysterious voice clearing its throat on the other end of the phone. that was weird. i have been watching a lot of cable news. i am a big fan of that lesbian on ms nbc. yeah, ms nbc is a confusing place. al sharpton is there skinny guy. [laughter] cnn is desperately searching for something they have been missing for months -- their dignity. totally. [laughter]
10:57 pm
this point, cnn is like the radio shack in a strip mall. you don't know how it stayed in business as long. they just fired piers morgan. [laughter] [applause] thank you. ratedws is the highest network and cable news. [applause] it is all thanks to their key , the old people that have tuned into fox news and have not yet been discovered. bill o'reilly is not here. they'll has another book coming out soon. he is making his ghost writers work around the clock.
10:58 pm
this event brings together both washington and hollywood. the relationship between washington and hollywood has been a long and fruitful one. you get tax credits for film and television production. in return, we bring much-needed entertainment to hard-working american cities like vancouver, toronto, and vancouver again. [laughter] bylywood helps america projecting a heroic image to the rest of the world. we have just released another movie about captain america, or ,s he is a known in china captain who owes his $1.1 trillion. [laughter] look around. the cast of "the." "veep."
10:59 pm
the folks from dr. dynasty had a very challenging year. the grandfather on the grandfather on that show made homophobic and racist remarks. docs -- ducks. [laughter] "house of cards" has had great impact on washington. i have not seen a tour de force since.ance like that you can drop character any time. spite thating to spoil the shocker on "house of cards." -- nancy pelosi's face almost changed expression. did you like that one, nancy? i would like to congratulate
11:00 pm
jared letter -- o on his oscar. who asked to be introduced to that hot chick from "dallas buyers club." has already had an impact on tonight's event. ofblocked all three attempts tim tivo to pass the dinner rolls. it he wanted to be here tonight, but could only move four yards at a time. you're right. he is not here to defend himself. legendary actor robert deniro is here tonight. [applause] impression, deniro but i do an imprsi